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RS230: Artful Space
Scandinavian influences, modern art and clever planning inspired Teresa Brewer and Bill Mathers as they knocked two cottages into one new light filled, spacious home. On first impression, the front of Teresa Brewer’s pretty Victorian cottages knocked into one, gives nothing away. It is only when the front door opens, that the impact of her light contemporary style hits you. Teresa and her husband Bill moved to the West Sussex coastal village over then year ago, having bought a three hundred year old cottage from a friend. Teresa explains. ‘Although we loved the cottage there was no room for friends and family to stay.’ After a year or so, and through an amazing stroke of luck they ventually bought two adjacent cottages to knock into one.Subconsciously or not, some seaside colours have crept into Teresa’s choice of soft furnishings, in several shades of blue, turquoise and sea green.
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