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KN025: Scandinavian Influence
Cat Caton, a photographer and her husband Stephen Caton, a graphic designer, had been looking for a new house in a more rural location to bring their new son, Lucas now 9, up in. “I fell in love with the charm and warmth of the house on the first viewing. The previous owners had bought it 40 years prior and brought up their two sons here who had recently flown the nest and started their own families. That really appealed to me and I could see us bringing up our children here for the next couple of decades, a very romantic notion.” Cat continues “It was the first house in this village that I saw but Stephen dismissed it based on the tiny bathroom and the very large size of the garden (Neither of us enjoy gardening!). After 6 months of looking, we didn’t find anything else, and I still really loved it. We asked an architect
friend to have a second viewing with us and we discussed a whole host of ideas and Stephen slowly started to come round to the idea. We decided to go for it.”

Scandinavian, Artistic, Lancashire, Retro, Garden Room, Creative, Decorating Ideas, Young, Colourful, Family Home, Period Home, Modern, Winter, Spring
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