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JT011: Australia Style
Photography by Julia Toms/Narratives
Text & Styling by Sian Lewis/Narratives
Location: West Wittering, West Sussex

Louise and Ian Whittaker were absolutely not looking to buy a house when they pushed open the gate to view the little seaside bungalow with it’s peeling paint name sign - ‘Eureka’. ‘That was certainly not what I felt when I first saw the house,” says Louise. “I wanted a house with more character, it was an awful yellow colour inside and I just could not see the potential.” Luckily, her builder husband Ian could, and although the couple, who had just returned to the UK after five years in Australia, had planned to rent for a while they could not resist the chance to secure a place on one of their
favourite roads. “The house is one row back from the beach, but it sits opposite a lane between two other houses which means the sea view will never be obscured. We will always have that view,” says Louise.

Beach House, Bungalow, Modern, Renovation, Decorating Ideas, Extension, Family Homes, Summer, Colourful
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