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EW055: New Lease of Life
Photography by Emma Lewis/Narratives
Text & Styling by Ali Heath/Narratives
Location: Marlborough, Wiltshire

Interior designer and lifestyle blogger, Henny Tate, has harnessed her renewed vigor to create a relaxed home with their family move to rural Wiltshire.
Having grown up in the countryside with parents that adored nature, kept farm animals and were at their happiest when outdoors foraging, growing or creating, it is no surprise that Henny has inherited a love of simple living and a desire to not take herself too seriously. ‘Home for me is where it all starts. We had the best education ever learning to make dens, paint, sew, cook, grow vegetables and look after animals. Totally uncontrived, it just happened, as we were surrounded
by endless creativity and the space to explore.’ Inevitably business careers drew Henny and her husband, Rupert, to
London when they were first married, but this was short lived. ‘We both had fun living in London but wanted to start a family and have the children grow up with the fresh air and freedom that I had enjoyed with my sisters. We had no connection with Wiltshire but saw a village house we loved and made the move in 2004. The county is
now firmly home to us both and our three children.

Country Style, Family Home, Decorating Ideas, Period Home, Contemporary, Rustic, Colourful
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