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RS252: Artfully Transformed
Photography by Robert Sanderson/Narratives
Text & Styling by Maggie Colvin/Narratives
Location: London, UK

A creative mix of light, art and an Eastern vibe infuses this house transformed by Elizabeth and Joao with an exceptional sense of personality and flair.

Phase one of their building project tackled the essentials such re roofing and an upgrade of the top floor destined to become children’s’ rooms. Phase two, took many more years of planning. 'We were determined to up the level of light dramatically throughout the house.’ says Elizabeth, ‘ We both wanted a more contemporary vibe, without losing the house’s historical roots. Most of all we wanted to achieve that inside out link with the garden. Looking onto a flight of steps from a tiny dark basement kitchen was depressing.’
They both shared a confident pioneering spirit and ability to think creatively. Employing the best architects they knew, Mark Gard and his team, they gave them free reign to come up with ideas. As Elizabeth points out, ‘there is no point in employing visionaries and then imposing your own ideas on them.’

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