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BD174: Family Values
Things don’t always go to plan, as Nikki and Stewart Thompson discovered when they decided to sell their home and rent for six months while house hunting. ‘We ended up renting for 18 months,’ says Nikki. ‘We just couldn’t find the right place – it was either too expensive or not in the right location for schools. It was quite disheartening. We were searching property websites every day.’ When an elegant Georgian house appeared at the right price and in the right location, tucked away in a quiet lane close to a wooded riverbank, they were ready for further disappointment. It had been empty for a year and the interior was dark and drab, with heavily patterned carpets and suspended ceilings, yet Nikki found it impossible to resist. ‘It’s quite quirky in some respects, rambling but friendly,’ she says. ‘I walked in and, much as it was rundown and needed everything doing to it, there was something about it. We could see the potential, the grandeur of the house from the outside. Everything was right: it was just a beautiful house in a lovely place in the country for Sam and Max to grow up in.’
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