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Features > Autumn Homes > Urban Homes > The Soul of Reinvention
BD172: The Soul of Reinvention
Photos: Brent Darby/Narratives
Styling and Text: Hazel Dolan/Narratives

After seven years of renting houses, Lisa Jackson, owner of vintage homeware business Industrial Habitat, and her son Reece were more than ready for a home of their own. Each 12-month lease had ended on the day after his birthday. ‘Every time he had a party,’ she remembers, ‘the house was already packed and ready to move.’
That all changed six years ago, when Lisa found a post war semi-detached house within her price range in a quiet residential area she had long admired. ‘I didn’t look at lots,’ she admits, ‘and I didn’t really care what this one looked like inside, which was just as well because it was absolutely horrendous. There was wallpaper hanging off the walls and horrible, tacky lampshades everywhere. It didn’t worry me at all because I would never choose a house because of the décor. I’d always want to change that.’ What did appeal was the generous amount of space – three bedrooms, a kitchen and sitting room, and gardens to the front and rear – and the freedom to make her mark on a home at last. Recycled utilitarian and vintage buys have created a characterful home with industrial style.
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