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BD186: Capheaton Hall (PR Clearance Required)
Photos: Brent Darby/Narratives
Styling and Text: Hazel Dolan/Narratives

Eliza and Willy’s home is a Jacobite Grade I listed hall, built in 1668 for 1st Baronet, Sir John Swinburne, and enlarged about 1800. They live in the East Wing, which has nine bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, drawing room, smoking room, library, snug and office.
Every self-respecting historic estate deserves a colourful history, and Willy and Eliza Browne-Swinburne’s Capheaton Hall in Northumberland has drama and romance in abundance. It was won from a reckless neighbour in a 13th
Century bet, and grew from castle to Jacobite mansion, to Georgian grandeur.
Then came its desperate fall in fortune. Wartime requisition with Canadian tanks lined up in the beautiful park left the handsome house half-wrecked. The hall was reduced to a post-war munitions dump, stacked high with TNT, and it was
only saved from demolition at the eleventh hour.

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