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BD179: Coney Island picnic
County Sligo or Sligeach meaning ‘Abounding in Shells’ on the west coast of Ireland, known for its wet and windy shores, The Wild Atlantic Way. Home of sailors and shanty men where the great ships of the Spanish Armada sailed and shipwrecked. It is well known here, that as soon as the sun is out, make the most of it, get outside, gather family together, spontaneity, enjoy the landscape, gather together food and friends. Famous for the poems of WB Yeats who lived, wrote and died here.
This is a visual story – set on Coney Island (the real one, Coney means Rabbit) at the tip of Rosses Point and by the tiny Oyster Island under the ‘purple headed mountain of Benbulben to one side, named in the famous hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful. The other view across the bay is Knocknarea hill, where the irish legend, Queen Maeves’ burial ground is at its peak.
Coney Island can be reached at low tide, across the sands and guided by the beacons from the mainland of Sligo. (reference, title Coney Island). Its nearest neighbor across the Atlantic is New York City, where the other Coney island is found, founded by a Sligonian. A short drive across the island only inhabited by a few houses, one pub to a beautiful beach as shown here in the story, Carty’s Strand. Also the place where St. Patrick sat in a place called The Wishing Chair. Watch the sun go down, surf, hunt, gather, fish for mackerel and Pollock, view the red and white sails of yachts and mirror boats in the bay, wild geese and sandpipers.
Take time to sit and take in the fresh air. To think, be grateful, health and happiness.
Life is short. Enjoy it.
A picnic is a last minute idea, grabbing basics from home and a few homemade goodies from the local farmers market, head out across the sands for time to be together before the tide returns and to get back to the mainland. The thrill of driving freely across the Cummeen Strand back to shore. Simple things in life. Quick thinking last minute preparations, grab and go, hunt and find.
This is my childrens favourite spot, exciting overnight wild camping trips with Dad in the summer, cut off by the tide, no distractions. Full of memories. Scavenging for driftwood, makeshift barbeque, using an old lobster pot to start a campfire, gathering blackberries, tufts of caught sheep wool and dry grass for the fire, collecting shells for plates. Taking the time to be with friends and relax.
Simply cooked fish on the grid and locally baked bread, roasting tomatoes and melting chocolate with marshmallows and tea, the irish drink gallons of tea with home baked chocolate fudge cake. Wrapped in warm irish tweed blankets by the fire listening to the Tales of the Village stories (Tir na nog). Scooping out whole oranges and filling with a shop bought chocolate mix and wrapped and sealed in foil, baked on the campfire for about twenty minutes, divine. Finding a tin to put water in, glass with chocolate to melt and dip marshmallows with a seashell plate.
Life is short and sweet. Make the most of these special moments, here on the shores of Coney Island.

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