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BD180: Into The Light
Reworking the layout and fitting new windows and rooflights has created a more flexible semi open-plan living area, enviably light and spacious. Victoria has chosen to balance the exposed brick and beams with a restful palette of subtle cream and grey shades, with just the occasional dash of more daring colour – bold black to frame the living room fireplace and one wall of rich aubergine to add intimacy to the dining room. ‘I love the brick, but when every wall was brick it was too much,’ says Victoria. ‘This is lighter, but it still has character. Having chosen her perfect backdrop, Victoria’s decorating style evolved with ease. French furniture is a favourite, so she quickly gathered a selection of elegant pieces, from Louis-style linen-upholstered armchairs to pretty painted armoires, adding freshness to the cottage’s essentially rustic interior. There’s an emphasis on natural materials, mellow woods and tactile fabrics: plush velvets, dupion silk, crisp cottons and soft wool.
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