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JST047: Picture Perfect
Photography by Jody Stewart/Narratives
Text & Styling by Jane Graining/Narratives

With stylish and inspired flair and an appreciation of its history the owners of this Tudor Hall in Suffolk have embraced its gentle grandeur bringing it up to date to create a contemporary and congenial family home.
Before she turned her hand to sculpting Caroline worked as a stylist and designer, creating exhibitions and displays for clients which included Spink, Tiffanys and Bulgari . She and her husband Carlos a financial consultant and two children moved with the very strong conviction that she did not want the children to be brought up in the city, she wanted them to have tree houses!” They looked in Suffolk, a reasonable one and a half hours from Canary Wharf for Carlos to commute and their search brought them to a truly wonderful place. At the end of a long drive running along a river valley though grassed parkland was a splendid Tudor Manor house.
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