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AC107: Soul Trader
Photographer: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text - Abigail Edwards or Rachel Leedham / Narratives

With its rugged brick walls, tactile reclaimed wood and calming prints, Abigail Edwards north London flat is a balm for the soul, belying its resolutely urban location.
‘When I’m on photo shoots, I see so much new stuff that I crave things that aren’t too finished or designed, ‘ she admits. ‘I like everything to have a bit of a patina to it.’
Edwards had sold her flat in Angel in order to buy a bigger home that could incorporate her studio, where she creates intricate pen and ink illustrations that are translated into wallpapers and fabrics. Newington Green, which
straddles the borders of Islington and Hackney, appealed for its buzzy vibe and local cafes; her gentle-natured whippet, Claude, was also well catered for with nearby Clissold Park.
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