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AC109: Sign of the Times
Photography by Alun Callender/Narratives
Text & Styling by Jo Leevers/Narratives
Location: East Sussex, England

Hand-painted signs, vintage furniture and offbeat collections surround Sarah Kingston in her coastal home.
From the outside, Sarah’s home looks similar to the other Thirties houses that line the streets of her seaside town. But step inside and it’s a different world, an evocative mixture of vintage treasures, intriguing handpainted signs and French country style.
Together with her husband Paul, Sarah runs Goose Home And Garden, selling all manner of decorative items at vintage fairs. So between events, their stock tends to ‘rest’ in their home or gets stacked on the shelves of their garage. Then there are always several larger pieces of furniture in the garden workshop, ready for cleaning up and repairing.
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