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EW029: All in the detail i gigi General Store
Photos Emma Lewis
Styling and text Ali Heath

During the festive season we take a look behind the scenes at i gigi - one of the UK’s most inspiring and creative independent lifestyle stores.
i gigi is based on the South Coast in Hove, East Sussex is one of those special shops. Founded by Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre in 2003, their lifestyle retail experience embraces a love of everyday objects, design and antiques, all united by their signature style: muted earthy colours, abundant textures, natural materials, craftsmanship, authenticity and provenance. Everything that surrounds them both at work or in their individual homes is a trigger to a time or place – objects that evoke a memory, things that have made them smile, treasures that have been passed down through generations or stopped them in their tracks – handcrafted, loved, time worn.
As high streets become more homogenous, exceptional, independently owned lifestyle stores that whole-heartedly embrace a specific aesthetic are becoming increasingly rare.
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