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Features > Spring Homes > Vintage Homes > Warm and Welcoming
RS281: Warm and Welcoming
Photos Robert Sanderson/Narratives
Text & Styling Naomi Jones/Narratives
Location: Surrey, England

Louis chairs with faded prints and fraying hems; well-worn ballet slippers with dusty soles; vintage suitcases with the knocks and bumps from many an exotic journey; and stacks of much-thumbed books tied up with old romantic
letters in intriguing bundles. ‘I’m drawn to anything old, pre-loved, patinated and faded,’says interior designer Janet Parrella-van den Berg, who also owns a vintage emporium, White & Faded. ‘I love anything with an obvious history that you are drawn into by simply gazing on the object. I like to imagine who sat in the tired but still elegant chair, perhaps reading an enchanting novel, or writing with the beautiful cursive script in those precious missives. I ask myself: what might they have been wearing, thinking about, or whom might they have been talking to..?’

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