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RS169: Scarlett Create
Renovating an old coach house in West Sussex inspired a complete change of career for Hannah Judah. 'Becoming a single mother made me determined to be a strong role model for my daughter,’ says 41-year- old Hannah Judah, who swapped a career in film production for motherhood and the flexibility of being her own boss doing something that seems to come naturally to both members of the family. ‘I want to provide a home that will feed Scarlett’s creativity as well as my own. She is definitely curious about where people live, and enjoys the imaginative and colourful aspects of interior design that I deal with on a daily basis; Scarlett also enjoys hunting for bizarre and beautiful pieces for clients with me at antiques fairs. My girl has completely changed the way I look at the world, so it seemed only right that I name the new business, Scarlett Create, after her.’
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