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AC115: Mawgan Porth
The beautiful coastal village of Mawgan Porth in north Cornwall is home to a long-standing community determined to stay true to its roots

From the start of spring to the end of autumn, this coastal village welcomes a steady stream of tourists. Many of these return year after year, lured by sweeping sands and clear blue waters. For those looking for an escape from the hectic pace of modern life, this shore line haven is the perfect retreat and is regarded by many as one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets. However, while the dune-backed private beach and the craggy hillside which surrounds it play a large part in Mawgan Porth’s appeal, it’s the presence of the long-standing, authentic Cornish community who live there, that sets it a part from other towns in the county. As local Mike Farmer, who has worked and farmed in the parish for over sixty years says, “Locals stay here and holidaymakers come back because of the unspoilt beach but also because of the community feel and eccentric characters – it’s what makes it so special”. 
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