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AC118b: Shepherd's Hut - Craftsman George Winks
With the popularity of the shepherd’s hut still on the rise, three interior converts share with us just what the fuss is all about....
Founder, designer & craftsman George Winks of Temper Studio who makes contemporary furniture, household objects & the odd hut! Uses his hut in rural Wiltshire ‘An escape - to sit, read a book, cook on the fire, whittle a spoon.’

My home and workshop is located on a farm. The owner, a good friend, found two old huts in a barn and wanted to do something with them.... the first hut we designed as a teaching kitchen and the second is being developed as a simple writer’s retreat.

Bolt Hole, Shepherd's Hut, Outdoor Living, Glamping, Mindfulness, Retreat, Craftsmanship, Carpentry
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