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AC122: Alice Blogg - Designer Craftswoman
Alice grew up in Dorset where she was given the freedom to pursue creative interests from an early age. Although university and her career took her to Manchester and London she returned to Dorset to establish her business. Her workshop is nestled in a beautiful wooded area looking out to Eggardon Hill across the rolling West Dorset countryside. It is this environment that provides not just the inspiration for her work but the raw materials too.

She developed her woodworking skills working for a joinery firm by day and making her own furniture by night. She started to undertake commissions in 2010 and soon after opened her workshop. ‘Establishing my business here, providing apprenticeships and employment, making the products of my imagination that clients will live with for a lifetime is the fulfillment of a dream’.

Knowing the origin of the timber, bringing out its beauty, letting the timber sing – this intimate understanding of the material, often found literally at her feet, is Alice’s life.
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