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BD203: Life is Better in the Barn
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Ali Heath / Narratives

Well known for enjoying a weekend trawl of local antique markets and favourite independents, Natalie Woods can often be seen piling new finds into her 53-year old Morris Minor, aptly named Mrs T, after her first lady owner of 50 years. Pale grey, perfectly restored, and with an inherent ability to catch the eye, Mrs T has the same
enviable qualities as Natalie’s home, which in turn is attracting a growing audience via her Instagram feed: Laid Back Farmhouse – started as a way of Natalie documenting her home renovation.
‘Bizarrely the name for my IG feed is actually the opposite of what I am as an individual,’ laughs Natalie. ‘Working as a marketing consultant life is pretty hectic, and our former end of terrace home didn’t allow us the peace and quiet that we craved. Having both grown up in the countryside we wanted to recreate that relaxed, peaceful ambience.’
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