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BD206: Roxi Zeeman
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Jo Leevers / Narratives

Roxi Zeeman and her family live in a Kentish cottage that lies at the end of an unmarked, bumpy lane, surrounded by woodland. Deer regularly take a short-cut through their front garden and cows graze in the field behind. The setting couldn’t be more quintessentially English. But inside, Roxi has created a rustic style that also
draws on her South African roots and her love of hand-crafted objects from around the world. Roxi has created a fresh version of country style that is strong on textures. The family’s living room furniture is made from sun-bleached mango wood and upholstered in raw linen or soft velvet. Pendant shades are threaded with rows of tiny clay beads or made in metal that’s been welded by hand and then buffed to a dull sheen. And baskets, rugs and cushions have been woven, stitched and appliqued to age-old patterns. ‘We love the traditional feel of this cottage, but we wanted to add a style that felt a bit more global,’ Roxi says.
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