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JST049: Artistically Finished
Juliet, a self-confessed interiors addict spent years collecting design magazines. Growing up, the day before each birthday Juliet and her father would spend the day rearranging the furniture in her bedroom. ‘I just loved to redesign the space.’ Years of practice paving the way for the project, ‘I love Ann Boyd and Scandinavian design so I knew exactly how I wanted the house to look—essentially minimal, but smart and livable. I just love understated style.’ If Juliet’s interior design obsession wasn’t enough, her daughters are all bursting with creativity. Their art and fashion illustrations fill the walls throughout the house like a personally curated family gallery. ‘Isabelle thought it was sad that all our photos and art were in boxes so she went off to Habitat and come back with bags of frames subsequently spending an entire day arranging and hanging pictures.’ A feeling of continuity threads throughout the house.
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