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JST052: JST052 Mike Walsh
Twenty years ago Mike Walsh bought an antiques shop. Sitting in it each day waiting for customers didn’t suit and he returned to executive life. But that didn’t stop him buying pieces for the family home. In the skillfully converted
house, a combination of two coastguards's cottages, that he and Sally purchased in 1999, it’s a case of mixing the old in a contemporary context. Glazed partitions cast light through the upper floor, with the wrap-around landing overlooking the study below. Their wide-ranging taste takes in artefacts from Africa purchased when they travel there, a 1930s table that pops up to reveal a sophisticated drinks cabinet, and a number of important pieces by Robert Thompson (1876-1955) known as The Mouseman of Kilburn, who carved a mouse into every piece he made. He was part of the 1920s revival of craftsmanship inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement. There are also many references to the sea, specially relevant as their house looks out over the tidal marshes at Brancaster.
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