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JST056: Samantha Sandberg
The Sandbergs rented in Oxfordshire for five years, waiting patiently for the kind of property they wanted to come up for sale. When it did in 1999, they became owners of a complex of outbuildings around a converted barn. One
of the buildings is now headquarters for Samantha's business, Walcot House. She designs and manufactures contemporary curtain poles, finials and a full range of accessories, now helped by their daughter Alice. With their student son also living at home, it was time to redesign the interior to reflect the change of balance with four adults in the family, including establishing areas within open plan rooms to meet the need of everyone to have their own space. Her plan to create more interesting spaces to reflect pieces they have collected over 20 years was also realised by a recognition that barn ceilings lend themselves to judicious decoration.
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