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RS297: Fiona Parker-Cole
Quirky looks and contemporary comforts are hall marks of the dream country house transformed by Fi and Rob Parker Cole. Five house moves and fourteen years later, a large country house with lofty ceilings in a great location overlooking Kent countryside came onto the market. ‘It was the kind of house Rob and I have always wanted. We found it after months of house hunting,’ she says, ‘just when we were about to throw in the towel and rent. Most houses in Kent are low beamed cottages so finding a house like this in the country is extremely rare.’
The one time merchant’s house with its high ceilings and imposing features was set in an old fashioned terraced garden complete with exotic trees, wisteria and roses. “Rob’s first response was we could not afford it. ‘Fi smiles. ‘Somehow we knew we had to. It was too good to miss.’
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