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Features > Autumn Homes > Conversions & Renovations > Going with the Flow
RS301: Going with the Flow
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text and Stying: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

An 19th century rectory in Somerset has been lovingly restored and modernised to create the perfect home for a family of three energetic girls.
Satisfying their top priority, it offered an unusual amount of floor space for the girls to cartwheel. In addition the previous owners had been dedicated gardeners, so the garden was varied and well established with roses, peonies, fruit trees and herbaceous borders. The views from all windows were second to none.
Behind the graceful old stone façade, the interiors had been divided into lots of small rooms, so Miranda worked with her architect builder to open up the space into one continuous flow. Flow became the key word in Miranda’s new plan.
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