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RS303: Leap of Faith
Grace and William Chapelle left London to invest time and energy into a new home on a Devonshire farm surrounded by breath taking views. Grace and William Chapelle are no strangers to the beauty of Devon where Grace spent her childhood and where they owned a coastal holiday cottage when their four children were all under the age of ten. When children grew up and flew the nest, an opportunity to buy a farming estate persuaded them to sell up and forge a new life in the country. Even as seasoned property restorers, transforming the farm, with three hundred and fifty acres, was not a task for the faint hearted. ‘Some would generously describe the property as neglected but I called it a slum.’ Grace remembers standing at the kitchen window and looking onto a mound of old rubber tyres encased in mud, which reached up to the second floor. It totally blocked views from both floors.’ The amount of old metal cleared off the farmland could fill truckloads. No body remembers exactly how many!
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