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RS304: Riverside Retreat
After several enjoyable years living abroad, David and Tricia Palmer looked for a base in the UK. As Tricia explains, ‘we felt it was time to put down roots and create a home for our children Arabella and Christopher. I grew up in the New Forest as a child, so I started to house hunt in Hampshire. We also needed to be within easy reach of the children’s’ schools.’ Starting with an open mind Patricia looked at town houses in Winchester and eventually lighted upon a Victorian country house with huge character and a pretty façade, tucked down to lane close to the river Test. ‘I fell in love with the secluded location and the garden which rolled down a gentle slope towards the
river. The sound of the water was soothing and invigorating. Ducks, kingfishers and herons heralded my first visit. We used to live overlooking Sydney harbour so the idea of living near the water again was very appealing. ‘The house was sturdily built with square rooms and generous proportions, but the floor plan required rearranging.
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