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RS322: Astrid Desieaux
Parisians Astrid and Martin Desveaux revamped an unloved London terrace and filled it with natural light and bold colours. The journey to their south London property was an exciting one for the Desveaux family. The first property they had in Paris was a loft in an old printing warehouse in Oberkampf From there,
they moved to Bucharest and lived in a beautiful Art Deco house, and then on to London. As a Parisian couple, much of the inspiration for the decoration of their home came from French magazines, as well as their travels abroad and their own ideas. The look they went for in the end was an eclectic one. They wanted an industrial feel, mixed with traditional and contemporary ideas. To create this, they chose neutral colour materials such as wood, concrete, metal and glass, and added splashes of bold patterns and colour.
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