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RS328: Silvia Lefebvre
Etched into the rocks overlooking the Italian sea is this architectural gem is filled with some stunning original architectural features which have stood the test of time. By building the house on different levels which step down towards the sea, each of the main rooms enjoy the delights of the breath-taking sea view. Sometimes known as the secret house because it is so well concealed by pergoda’s overgrown with vines, the holiday house Silvia Lefebre inherited from parents is approached by a steep drive, which zig- zags across the mountain. Sylvia remembers childhood days when she arrived there on a donkey. Because of the many surrounding lemon trees, the house was called Limonaia, meaning, ‘The Lemon Tree’ and even as a small child Silvia was struck by the extreme beauty of the sea and mountain views, just as her parents were in 1968 when they first bought the site and then built the house.
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