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Features > Lifestyle > Travel > Beach Hutters Colwell Bay
EW039: Beach Hutters Colwell Bay
Photos: Emma Lewis / Narratives
Text and Stying: Ali Heath / Narratives

Victoria & Simon Hill have breathed new life into Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight. While transforming The Hut restaurant they were invited to purchase the adjacent row of very old, dilapidated beach huts. Wanting to embrace Island life, they decided to rent the huts for a nominal amount to locals. For us it is about community not commerciality. Within twenty-four hours all of the huts had been taken by a very eclectic group, including a local B&B owner, an RNLI volunteer, a former London interiors shop owner, a decorative antique dealer, a builder, the Island’s A&E consultant and a vintage dress designer maker; all with their own entourage of children, grandchildren and dogs.

Beach Huts; Summer; Boltholes; Getaways; Family; Travel; Lifestyle; Hobbies; Multicoloured;
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