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BD216: Cause for Celebration
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text and Stying: Hazel Dolan / Narratives

Charlotte and Tom Gaisford turned a derelict gamekeeper’s cottage into a fabulous family home, perfect for entertaining at Christmas

Christmas at Charlotte and Tom’s Northumberland is lively and convivial. From Christmas morning drinks, through family lunch for 18, to their traditional Boxing Day shoot, the long, low building plays host to a steady stream of visitors. The cottage has been part of Tom’s family farm for generations, and the original plan was for his parents to extend it for their retirement. When his father became ill, however, they decided to stay in their farmhouse and instead Tom, Charlotte and their sons Harry, now 19, and Richard, 17, took on the project.

Family Home, Renovation, Cottage, Country Style, Christmas, Winter, Traditional

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