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PW059: Coastal Calling
Photos Polly Wreford / Narratives
Text Melanie Molesworth / Narratives

Finding an old run down Hall in the pretty seaside town of Lyme Regis lead to a leap into the unknown world of coastal living for London stylist Melanie Molesworth and her husband Martin. It has fortunately been a new lease of life for both them and the Hall.
The house is furnished with a mix of antique, mid-century and contemporary furniture gathered over the years from local markets and auctions. An interesting collection of vintage treasure, salvaged rustic pieces along with finds from the beach and hedgerows decorate throughout.
Melanie has now turned her hand to seaweed pressing and set up a small design company with fellow friend and stylist Julia Bird. Molesworth & Bird now create prints, cards and more with their own seaweed pressings.

Molesworth & Bird, Seaweed Prints, Coastal, Country Homes, Contemporary, Creative
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