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AC153: Hannah’s B&B
Photos Alun Callender
Text Olivia Gordon

A former livery and dance hall in Winchester is now a luxurious B&B bolthole that is also home to owner Hannah McIntyre.

When new guests step over the threshold of Hannah McIntyre’s bed and breakfast, they usually remark on two things. First, that it’s beautiful, and second, how young their landlady is. Hannah McIntyre may only be 27, but she’s a savvy businesswoman who has created an enviable way to live and work.

Having grown up the daughter of a hotelier, and taken her first job as a hotel’s general manager at just 17, Hannah has always been sociable. ‘I’m a nurturing person,’ she reflects. ‘I like hosting parties; cooking for people; having people round and looking after them. And I’ve always had a drive to become a successful businesswoman. Running a B&B has been the perfect channel for my energy.’
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