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CP001: Jim Tucker
Photography Cathy Pyle / Narratives

Surrey-based artist Jim Tucker creates assemblages inspired by an aesthetic of urban and natural decay: work that he describes as ‘midway between painting and sculpture’.
Jim’s studio and garden are filled with his artworks - pebbles strung across the front gate; assemblages attached to the exterior walls; model aeroplanes and fishing buoys suspended from the weeping larch tree; the sculptures made from garden spades. There's a shed, stocked full of collected materials and works of art, and an open shelter Jim made, inspired by those he'd seen on his travels. The studio - attached to the house - is filled to the rafters with metal springs, pieces of wire mesh, broken toys, crushed cans, machine parts and fragments of wood: abandoned objects gathered from beaches, skips and building sites.

Garden, Shed, Studio, Artisan, Summer, Creativity, Recycling, Upcycling, Salvage
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