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CP004: Faye Campbell
Photos: Cathy Pyle / Narratives
Writing: Kay Prestney / Narratives

This six bedroom detached house in the Surrey countryside is home to artist Faye Campbell, husband Dave, and their four children. Shortly after moving in, Faye and Dave extended and renovated this 1950s property, creating an open-plan, light-filled home with a stunning double-height kitchen-diner and a separate art studio. Once the building work was completed, Faye turned her hand to decorating in her unique, quirky and colourful styling, creating custom wallpaper using pages of text, florals, geometrics and stripes in clashing colours, and spray-painting vintage pieces sourced from car boot sales and junk shops in fluorescent shades. Faye’s brilliantly-coloured mixed-media artworks line the walls.
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