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BD227: One Careful Owner
Photography by Brent Darby/Narratives
Text & Styling by Nikki Bradley/Narratives

Finding the perfect house is hard enough to do, but finding the perfect house with a very careful previous owner was a dream come true for Emma and Leyton. Both work in marketing and are parents to eight year old twins, and new puppy.
‘We fell in love with the house from the moment we saw it and then finding out that it was previously owned by Natalie Blackshaw, an Architect and Designer at Design United, was a complete bonus.’ To Emma and Leyton’s delight, the house still boasted original period features, and Natalie had even drawn up plans for a
contemporary kitchen extension. She later became the couple’s project manager.
‘We were looking for an extension project but not the type that means ripping the whole house apart. Creating a family kitchen and sitting room opening onto the garden was a large enough task to accomplish.’ explains Emma.
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