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AJ001: Pitch Perfect
Photography by Alexander James / Narratives
Text & Styling by Ali Heath / Narratives

Working as an interior consultant, Sarah Reed’s clients are drawn to her bold, characterful style.
Situated on the outskirts of the Goodwood estate, the home she shares with her two teenage daughters comprises two former estate cottages that were knocked into one, back in the 1970’s. Married with two young children, Sarah, had previously renovated three large-scale country homes for her family. ‘When we divorced in 2011, I rented for a while and took my time to find a new space. This was the only house that appealed - cosmetically rundown but with beautiful Georgian architecture, stunning flint walls, land and the potential to develop.
Surrounded by a walled garden, the cottages had been built in 1790, by French prisoners of war, based at historic Goodwood House. Marking the western boundary of the estate, the owners wanted the cottages to have the same sense of grandeur. ‘Around all of the arched external windows and doors, the flint has been knapped - a hugely skilled job and work of art.’
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