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PE167: Once upon a Time
Photography by Polly Eltes/Narratives
Text & Styling by Katherine Sorrell/Narratives

Salvaged, vintage, upcycled and handmade. Every piece in Kerry Knight’s Cornish cottage tells a story – especially at Christmas. With fairylights twinkling, wreaths on the doors and the table decorated with fir cones, candles and mismatched vintage plates, Kerry and Matt Knight’s Cornish cottage is all set for a family Christmas.
Its festive welcome, rustic and relaxed, is interesting but unpretentious – just like the 200-year-old cottage, which has an instantly appealing, natural charm. Once two smaller cottages that were joined together decades ago, the cottage boasts a 100-foot garden, where the family keeps chickens and guinea pigs, and sits on a quiet country lane bordering a river, and at the end of which is a fishing lake.
Two-and-a-half years ago, with two small daughters, Matt and Kerry had been looking to move to a house with a garden and space for a home office, and saw the cottage online. ‘I was really intrigued because I tried to find it on Google Earth but couldn’t, so I knew it had to be down a tiny lane,’ says Kerry, an interior designer.
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