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LA014: Artist Julie Cuthbert
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Interpreting the landscape and wildlife is a large part of Essex artist Julie Cuthbert’s work and the situation of her house, on the edge of a saltmarsh, is integral to her life.
It is the house of an artist but also Julie and her husband Martin collect art and are patrons of artists, particularly Essex artists such as Ben Coode-Adams, Anne-Marie Jacobs, Leigh Cameron & Guy Taplin. As Julie says, “It is important to support local artists and our home reflects that, not only in the décor, the wall art but the crockery and the furniture.” Julie has a Masters in Sculptural Practice but also is a painter, sketcher and photographer, and her work sits alongside the work of the other artists throughout the house.
Martin has lived on the site for 25 years and the house has gradually been transformed from an unremarkable 1970’s building to a modern dwelling appropriate to its estuary setting. The final phase was completed in 2014 when the original part of the house was extended by Plater Claiborne Architects with a 1 1/2 storey link and two storey end gable.
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