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RS336: Dark & Stormy
Interior designer Naomi Carroll has transformed a converted barn nestled in the leafy Monmouthshire hills with dusky shades, reclaimed timber, and customised finds. Perched way up high in the Monmouthshire hills is a modest old barn that keeps a deep, dark secret: within its thick, 200-year-old stone walls is an extraordinary family home that takes your breath away the moment you step inside, but only after your eyes have adjusted from the daylight outdoors to the cavernous interior because this north-facing property with barely any windows has been painted almost entirely in a palette of off-black tones… ‘I adore all colours but have a tremendous amount of affection for darker hues; I love the drama they provide,’ says Naomi Carroll, an interior designer with a passion for
the unusual. ‘Besides, barns by their very nature are generally gloomier buildings, so rather than battling against it here, I decided to embrace it. ‘I am definitely inspired by nature, too,’ she continues. ‘I love going for walks in the woods, and I get a lot of ideas for incorporating natural materials, textures, forms and colours into my designs; it seems only right that our homes reflect their surroundings as well as our personal style.’
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