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RS319: Winter Wonderland
When the carol singers knock at Rick and Biddy Barrington’s front door, their Christmas season officially kicks off. ‘I know it is time to start feeding the Christmas pudding with brandy,’ says Rick who is the natural chef in the family. Biddy sets off to walk Otto their long haired spaniel in search of a fir branches, blown off the trees in nearby woods. She uses them to make up her Christmas garlands. It will be the couple’s third Christmas in Herefordshire, the county they often dreamt they would move to one day. ‘Rick used to come here to shoot or fish, and whenever I accompanied him I was struck by how friendly people were in the village shops and pubs.’ Biddy reminisces. It was on honeymoon, looking through estate agents windows that they spotted a village house, which they now live in. ‘Within seconds of walking through the front door, we looked at each other thinking we could do something with this house.’
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