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RS324: Loved & Loved Again
In her Victorian terraced home, looking down on the ancient city of Norwich, Tamsyn Morgans celebrates objects with a history, truly appreciating their faded colours and time-worn style. From the kitchen units constructed of discarded packing crates, and salvaged furniture she’s repainted or recovered, to the vintage quilts on beds and sofas, and pre-loved cups and saucers stacked high in an old dresser ready for tea, almost everything in Tamsyn Morgans’ possession has lived another life before being acquired by its new owner. Tamsyn’s entirely intentional approach to decorating her home has not only been kind to the environment and her budget, but has allowed her the freedom to design an individual space, full of objects evoking times long past, that in turn inspires her, on a daily basis, to create beautiful photography for her lifestyle blog, The Villa on Mount Pleasant.
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