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RS326: Step Back in Time
Photography by Robert Sanderson/Narratives
Text and Styling by Penny Botting/Narratives

William Emmett and Nicholas White own Emmett and White Antiques and Interiors in Alfriston, East Sussex. They live here with their Pugs, Jimmy and Duke, and Fran a King Leopold Spaniel (aka a mongrel). The house is Georgian (early 18th century George II). The shop is downstairs with living space above, comprising a kitchen, dining room, drawing room, two bathrooms, master bedroom and dressing room.
William's love of antiques started when he was just a little boy. 'I remember having to sit in my mother's embroidery shop in Marlow, Buckinghamshire during the summer holidays,' he recalls. 'To keep myself occupied I’d look round all the antique shops in town. Sometimes I'd buy the odd piece, and before I knew it, I'd started to fill my bedroom with all my pocket money finds.'
Over the years William, and his partner Nicholas, had gathered an array of antiques and collectables in their own home, a Georgian farm worker's cottage with a 19th century extension in the outskirts of Marlow. 'Although
the house was quite big, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and three reception rooms, it was beginning to feel cramped and we really needed to do something about it,' says William. As a result, three years ago, they decided
to capitalise on the items they'd amassed and pursue their passion for collecting by setting up Emmett & White Antiques. 'Having a shop meant we could keep collecting as well as share some of our fabulous finds with others,'
he says.
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