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RS338: Smoke and Mirrors
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Penny Botting / Narratives

Kate Sissons moved from London to revamp an old country fire station in the Cotswolds
When she found this end of terrace in Charlbury, she was thrilled. 'We loved the area – the town has everything we need and is in the middle of beautiful countryside, with Cornbury Park and Wychwood forest on its doorstep.' says Kate

The house itself fulfilled the main requirements of having more space as well as a garden, but also
had a few extras. 'Most of the other houses in the village have quite small ground floors, but because this one had a rear extension added during the 70s, it's actually really spacious,' she says.
In addition there were a couple of unusual features including the two big old fire doors and long room for the fire engines, which is now the kitchen area. The only problem was, another buyer was interested in the property too.
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