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RS341: Mother Nature
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Naomi Jones / Narratives

Having grown up and settled in the historic city of Carlisle, with its many green spaces, and close proximity to the Lake District National Park, it’s no wonder that nurse and new mum Phillipa Graham has a deep fondness for nature, whether it be enjoying the local parks and riverside, the neighbouring coastline or climbing up mountains with husband James and their baby girl, Wren.

Philippa's love of the outdoors has definitely influenced the way she decorates with its colour scheme of warm whites, greens and greys, all punctuated by confident doses of inky blues and deep charcoal. ‘Those colours work so well together in nature, it makes sense they would work together as an interior palette,’ she says. ‘I tried a lot of samples to find the right shades, though; this house is so light and I wanted to enhance that further with my choices to create a home that celebrates natural tones and materials, and provides a feeling of calm.’
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