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RS348: All Change
Photos Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling Maggie Colvin / Narratives

In a semi rural area, close to a tributary of the Thames, Chamil Lilyaarachi and Torquil Tomlinson found a two bedroomed cottage in a charming enclave of houses built in the 1930’s. ‘The cottage had a good feel about it with great potential,’ says Chamil, ‘although as we progressed, we found ourselves changing everything except the hedge. It’s become a bit of a joke amongst our friends; we never intended it from the start, but one thing led to another.
‘As an interior designer who runs his own business, Penny Farthing Interiors, Chamil is a visionary with a passion to make every detail count. ‘This is crucial in a small space,’ he says, ‘You have to edit out the ingredients which
do not add to the overall picture and remove clutter, which is an ongoing battle.’ His partner Torquil Tomlinson is the perfect team-mate who possesses the hands on ability to make Chamil’s dreams materialise.
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