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PW061: Artist Marianne Gibson
Photos: Polly Wreford and Nick Ivins / Narratives
Text & Styling: Melanie Molesworth / Narratives

The stylish home of artist Marianne Gibson on the Dorset coast in Lyme Regis she shares with son Horatio and husband Phillip.
Their large clapperboard house with spacious decks and rolling gardens sits on a hill high above the town with stunning views across the bay. They try to live as simply as possible - grow all there own vegetables and keep chickens. Marianne's works from her studio tucked away in a side street just back from the sea front. Her diverse work is well known and includes military portraits landscapes and stunning still lives.
Mariane has decorated their home with a nature inspired colour palette . Her beautiful personal collections of art and antiques all created with her artists eye are placed throughout the interior

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