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RG040: Bodiam Boating Station
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Amy Maynard / Narratives

Vanessa Ferrett and Alex Bolton have turned an ailing business into a thriving food and watersports hub – but still manage to have quality time with their children
Originally from Kent, Vanessa Ferrett was living in Bath with partner Alex Bolton and their two children, Izzy and Billy, when a family conversation at a wedding led them to a life-changing decision to move back to the county.

Luckily, Alex was on board with the idea, and the children were equally excited. So Vanessa and Alex set about finding a viable work/home property in Kent. They noticed that a ramshackle cottage and a small boating and camping business was for sale next to the River Rother, not far from Rye on the south coast, so they came down to have a look, they checked out the visitor numbers to local attractions like Bodiam Castle and the Kent & East Sussex Railway and realised how popular the area is. 'We thought that if we could get even a small slice of the action then we could be on to something.’
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