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RG044: A Rare Vintage
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Aileen O'Brien / Narratives

The colourful Kent home of Caroline and Craig Coleman is a vibrant, characterful mix of nostalgic and modern treasures.
From the outside, the Coleman’s home doesn’t look dissimilar to the other 1940s semis in her street. It’s perhaps just the red front door that offers the merest hint of the remarkable interior. For this is a house full of vivid colour and unique, customised treasures. A keen collector of vintage memorabilia, Caroline has filled her house with an eclectic mix of distinctive pieces that she has rooted out from antique fairs, charity shops and markets both here and in France. ‘I started collecting about 20 years ago,’ says Caroline. ‘My nan was a big influence. We’d go off to jumble sales together and collect all this 1950s stuff.’
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